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Services we offer:

Engineer surveying

In the terms of engineer surveying, our firm has succesfully finished jobs in the high-rise as well as low construction surveying.
In the high-rise surveying we offer these services:
  • object marking
  • observing and monitoring the construction of business and residential buildings
  • calculation of earthenware cube, asphalt cube, gravel ...
  • surveying and marking underground installations and cable connections
  • marking a built object in the cadastre
  • object segmentation for a use permit
Here is a couple of reference projects:

In the low construction surveying we offer these services:
  • surveying of the terrain for project planning
  • development of cadastral topographic design plans
  • traffic route marking and recording of the state of the road
  • monitoring of the road construction and the geodetic recording of the finished project

Precise machine geodetic measuring

Precise machine geodetic measuring is our specialty.
Work in this area requires an expert team, and the best equipement, considering the fact that the room for mistake in this type of surveying is counted in milimeters and it is performed in very inaccesible places.
Our years long experience in this area of expertise gives us the privilege to say we have achieved high results. Here we will list just some of the jobs we finished within the last 15 years:
  • monitoring the installation of the machine equipement of the new plant in the oil refinery Pančevo, in 2010
  • monitoring the capital overhaul of TENT B, in 2016, as members of the consortium
  • monitoring the overhaul of TE Kostolac B
  • monitoring the overhaul of TENT A block 4
  • monitoring the construction of electric filter TENT B block 3
  • monitoring the installation of
Besides the jobs finished in Serbia we have also finished jobs in the European Union: TE Kozenice-Poland.

Cadastral surveying

In the past years the cadastral surveying was very important due to the large number of unregistered and illegal objects. We have specialased in geodetic recordings of objects for legalisation - elaboration and geodetic works, object segmentation, and writting the objects into the cadastre, as well as record of the legalisation and registration, delimitation, circumscription and deviding cadastral plot. As a reference we have over 3000 succesfully finished works.

Urban planning and building permit surveying works

Necessity of the geodetic recording in the urbanistic projects, as well as for acquiring the building permit has conditioned us into achieving notable succes in this area of geodetic works.
The services we offer are:
  • development of Cadastral topographic plans for design
  • development of the project of geodetic marking
  • development of the elaboration of the construction works
These are just some of the investors who have put their trust in us and employed us on their projects: Porshe, Gemaks, METRO CASH&CARY, Merkur, Eurosalon Rela Estete, Lidl, BK Tesla...


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